Hourly Ride

You can choose a car of any size, type, just inform us.
Another form of our service is rental cars with drivers.

How is it good?
1. You do not have to drive by yourself. Have fun 2. You are not responsible for the fuel cost. Do not be afraid of traffic jams and will pay a lot of fuel. 3. You don't have to be tired of driving. 4. You are like a boss. 5. You can stop and stop anywhere. 6. Whether you are going to a meeting or a personal business, we wait for you. 7. You will be eating for 2-3 hours. 8. Your car is broken and cannot be driven again. 9. Do you want to have fun with friends But afraid of drinking too much Not worth the checkpoint

We service with friendship. Drive with professionalism. Or even some things that do not want anyone to know, can trust us

Not as expensive as thought Or you think too high Negotiable

When two things meet, that is, we have work, you have money business, so it's not a very important issue.

We have many types of cars. You can choose from Vip vans, new SUV or new models in the market.

Please trust and call us . Taximeeter Service !

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You can choose a car of any size, type, just inform us.

Van : 500.- thb/hour : Spec for 9-13 pax

Luxury : 400.- thb/hour : Spec for 1-4 pax

Suv : 350.- thb/hour : Spec for 1-5 pax

Sedan : 250.- thb/hour : Spec for 1-4 pax

Notes :  All types of cars start at a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 10 hours.

If not meeting the minimum time specified Will have to pay a 3 hour integer

If over 10 hours are counted as overtime pay within 30 minutes, no overtime is charged. If over 30 minutes is over 1 hour
This price includes everything except expressway fees, parking fees (if any), but we try to find a parking space without paying the parking fee.

If there is a force majeure that will have to stay overnight Passengers need to provide accommodation for drivers. Or will be paid in cash at the actual price paid but not more than 500 baht / night

Remember that all of our cars have insurance for the car. Driver and all passengers According to the regulations of the Department of Transport in the Kingdom of Thailand.

If there is a charge other than the already stipulated cost of the driver Please let us know. Will be a great grace

All of your comments Is a word of gratitude So we can improve the service even better.


Hourly Ride

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